Rachel Harrop: Illustration and Design

Cloudwater Brewery


An exciting brewery based in Manchester, Cloudwater are out to put Northern British brewing on the map. Their beers are exciting and new, bringing together British brewing knowledge with a passion for new techniques and flavours. They use hops in interesting ways to bring out undertones in their beers that other brewers might have missed. With a drive to be an innovative brewery, they invite the drinker to be discerning with their choice of brew, and offer a range of beers suited to those who want to find taste and creativity in their beer.

Objective: To create illustrations and branding materials for 3 guest beers: a stout, a porter and an IPA. The names for these beers are for you to decide.

Outcome: A set of 6 guest beers, based on imagery and nicknames of prolific female serial killers, dubbed Deadly Serious Beer. To be included with the purchase of a six pack of the beer, would be an informative zine, giving the women a name and backstory.


DIGITAL mock ups